Fuzzy-headed first day

First coffee in the new job

Noel made jam and cheese butties, cut off the crusts and packed them into my pink plastic My Little Pony lunchbox with a digestive biscuit, apple and packet of pickled onion flavour Monster Munchies. And off I went, a spring in my step, thanks to shiny new shoes to my first day at work.

Yes the whole day passed in a blur – I’d forgotten my glasses and could only see screens and text through a squint or, if I really needed to study something, the holes of the digestive biscuit, which acted as a kind of edible spectacle. My new colleagues at Bradford University, where I’m covering for the head of communications who’s going on maternity leave, must have wondered who this squinting biscuit-faced woman was. But they were very tactful and didn’t say anything – not until I’d gone anyway.

Thankfully the second day was in better focus, I made sure the glasses went in the lunch box, along with emergency digestive biscuits. First job is to make sure the British Science Festival, hosted by the university and other venues in the city from 10-15 September, attracts record attendances and runs without a hitch….. Of course it will!

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