The best of all goody bags

Noel, Andy and me and my goody bag

It wasn’t until I was tucking into my fifth chocolate bar that I realised my goody bag was special. I thought everyone had three Kit Kats, two Rocky bars, a bag of sweets and a Care Bear badge along with an apple, banana and technical teeshirt as a reward for slogging up 10km of hill in the blazing Pudsey heat. No, it turns out, it was just me.

Entering the Puma Pudsey 10k was a capricious decision. We were going to cheer our friend Andy as he crossed the finish line, chuckling and congratulating ourselves on avoiding the race dubbed ‘The Hardest, Steepest 10k in the Known Universe’ by those in the know on the chat forums. Then Noel, whose system was still surging with endorphins from the morning’s Park Run said, ‘Why don’t we do this really steep, difficult run?’. I was similarly swimming in an endorphin haze, so I agreed.

The old lags at Race HQ said the steep hill was at about the 4km mark, with a steeper one at the 7km, finishing on a slight incline. And so it turned out to be. I saw no-one run up the steep hills through the woods. Even the giant flower I’d been tailing from the start looked like he was going to put down roots as he melted inside his thick foam costume.

So the goody bag at the end, with its promised sugar rush, was in my sights. Noel and Andy were quite a bit ahead of me, so had eaten, drunk and were very merry. I sat down with my bag and pulled out the Kit Kats and Rocky Bars and ate the lot, the guys watched with what I thought was respect. It turned out to be envy as I seemed to have an over-chocolated goody bag.

When we got home, me bouncing around with sugar rush, Noel not, we tried on our teeshirts. Mine fitted, Noel’s didn’t. I now had a belly full of chocolate and two teeshirts. It was the day that just kept on giving, for me anyway.

One thought on “The best of all goody bags

  1. Andy Judd

    Noel looks as if he is pondering the fairness of the chocolate distribution in said goody bags – no Care Bear badge for me, although mine included a free banana wrapper ! Thanks for the support and jokes Anne. ADB-J X


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