The village gets a new nursery – at last!

The band played jazz. Nice...

Another patch repair on the flat, leaky roof on the worn-out Portakabin that served as the school nursery made it more patch than roof. The cramped conditions meant the children could play Sardines without really trying. Everyone agreed, we needed a new building.

If there was such a thing as a faffometer, measuring the faffing around involved in getting something done, and that faffometer measured on a scale of one to ten, with one being least faff and ten the most, then getting the new nursery for Calverley Parkside School would measure eleven, maybe with the needle edging to twelve.

Road testing the nursery toys

I’ve been a governor at the school for more than four years now and during most of that time, the new nursery has been top of the agenda, taking up a lot of time and energy, especially from the headteacher. Two years ago, we thought it was sorted, the building was emptied, meters read, buckets removed from under the cracks in the roof where the rain came in and we were ready for the demolition men to move in. But it was halted at the last minute because of a hiccup with the tendering process.

So the nursery went on a year longer, we had to get bigger buckets and pretend Sardines was the best game ever. A year later, many meetings had been had, the faffometer needle was twitching towards thirteen, but finally building work happened for real and at last, we have the new nursery for the village.

Today the invited guests admired the fabulous new building and Sally Scott, our former Chair of Governors, unveiled a plaque. In the warm July sun, with the band playing and the children singing, looking across the wonderfully-equipped nursery, saturated in primary colours and spacious play areas, it was as if there had never been any faffing at all. Almost!

Headmistress Alana Duncalf and Sally Scott, former Chair of Governors
Calling Coun. Marjoram

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