The trouble with tutus

Helen, Rachel and Matilda, Philomena, me and my tutu

In hindsight, I maybe shouldn’t have rushed the last-minute loo stop before heading for the start of the Leeds Race for Life. It would have spared my blushes as I went on to run five kilometres with my tutu tucked in my knickers.

I don’t think many people noticed, though. Everyone was far too busy either taking part or supporting the 5000 runners, joggers and walkers as we approached the start line for what was to be a hot and hilly five kilometres.

The four of us were spread out across the course. Philomena is a very good runner and headed for the front of the pack, I was a little distance behind in the runners section, though made good progress by running through the mud that all the others avoided. Rachel had opted to carry six-month-old Matilda in a papoose and was joined by Helen who wisely decided to join the walkers as temperatured hit 24C.

It was a fabulous experience, we raised a few hundred pounds between us for Cancer Research and then went to the pub – well, we had earned it!

Thanks to everyone who sponsored me. Next time, though, the tutu stays at home.

Rachel and Matilda
Dig that crazy tutu!

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