The tot and the turkey

Best of friends

Once upon a time, there was an egg. It was quite a big egg, chalky white with brown speckles, warm and full of chick. It wobbled and wobbled until it cracked , then out came the beak of Turkey Bird.

As the months went by, Turkey Bird grew and grew, she had heard about Christmas and how everyone who wasn’t a turkey looked forward to it. She wasn’t looking forward to it, but as luck would have it, Lizzie the farmer’s daughter took a shine to her and they became friends.

Turkey Bird was very happy, she followed Lizzie everywhere she went, from the farmyard to the barn, from the barn to the field and from the field to the kitchen where she gave Farmer Tom quite a fright as she said hello in a turkey kind of way and left a squishy present on the step.

Then one day she produced her own chalky-white egg, and another and another, which she showed to Lizzie and Farmer Tom. Lizzie was very pleased and asked Turkey Bird if she could have them for breakfast. Oh yes, said Turkey Bird, she didn’t want any cute new chicks stealing Lizzie’s affections, not with Christmas coming and all. So indeed they all did live happily ever after.

One thought on “The tot and the turkey

  1. wendy akers

    this could be next year’s Christmas card “Elizabeth and her pet turkey – no, they’re not having it with all the trimmings”

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