The Flickrazzi pap my village

Calverley Woods get the Flickrazzi treatment

In a moment of madness, I agreed to guide fellow photographers from the Leeds Flickr Group around my village, show them the photogenic bits, tell them about the history oozing from the millstone grit in our local quarry.

Calverley is supposed to have a ghost, the hapless Sir Walter Calverley who murdered his sons in 1604 and was pressed to death for his crime. His ghost is said to wander the hall, which is a bit scary for the hall’s neighbours, ie US! We’ve never seen him, though, he must use the back door.

I’m a director of Exposure Leeds, a photographic social enterprise.  Each month we organise a Weekend Coffee Break,  a couple of hours drinking coffee, exploring and photographing an area of Leeds, then posting our photos to Flickr, comparing and contrasting, marvelling at what we’ve seen or missed. This month it was my turn to show people around my village.

The warm, sunny spring continues to keep a smile on everyone’s face and provide photographers with wonderful light. A dozen or so people turned up and off we went to the cricket field, allotments, dog-training club with dodgy spelling (see picture), St Wilfrid’s Church, boasting bits as old as the 11th century and goats (not ghosts) in the graveyard to keep the grass short. Then it was on to the woods, part-owned by the Woodland Trust, which were carpeted with bluebells, wild garlic and wood anemone. The Flickrazzi, the collective noun for Flickr photographers, were delighted and I was proud to show them Calverley!

Come Tuesday if you can spell!
Calverley Woods

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