I have an admirer, he brings me presents

The house is rapidly filling up with pieces of original artwork delivered in person by my gentleman admirer. Yesterday he dashed from his studio, sculpture in hand, insisting his chauffeur brought him directly to our door.

The cardboard and bottle cap with silver paper artwork has now been installed on the mantlepiece, while the previous crayon-on-wallpaper sketch is gracing the fridge. Oskar’s artistic talents are developing, along with his charming manners, he has a great sense of humour too, finding my favourite Mr Whippy joke hilarious. In fact, he’s everything a gal could ask for in an admirer, I even got an invitation to his birthday party, though I suspect I may be over the height, weight and age limit for the Little Rascals Jungle Gym.

At just a week short of four years old, my little next-door neighbour clearly has a soft spot for me. Maybe it’s because I always wave to him from the car, window or garden, or the fun we had when we made Christmas cookies together. It could even be the Mr Whippy joke which is very funny indeed, I may even tell it on the blog some time.

His mum said he was desperate to come straight from playgroup with his artwork, he wanted to give it to me. What with this admiration and a wolf-whistle from a workman the other day, I’m feeling rather chipper!

Oskar agreed to pose in the Red Nose Frame and become part of the Red Nosaic Day. If you’ve £1 or two to spare, you can sponsor here.

My gentleman admirer

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