I Spy….World Book Day

The quiet browsing in Thirsk’s White Rose Bookstore was disturbed only by the chinking of coffee cups and sound of cake crumbs falling. Then someone opened a can of kids as a whole classload burst in with their`£1 World Book Day vouchers. It was glorious to see.

White Rose Books, Thirsk

The choice of coffee stop en route to Whitby and a planned bracing walk along the shore was between Coffee House and Cafe, boasting Finest Arabica and the above-mentioned bookstore and cafe. Books and coffee win every time!

The first Thursday of March is World Book Day in the UK, when millions of children get £1 to spend on a book. We witnessed the aftermath of a storytelling session at the White Rose. I was well miffed we’d missed it, I was desperate to know what had happened to Zog. The lovely ladies at the store said there were more sessions- a great boon for the youngsters of Thirsk.

The White Rose is a superb place, the staff must have qualifications in book-loving, I saw books there I haven’t seen anywhere else. The children had spent their vouchers and everything returned to calm when someone shouted ‘I Spy? I haven’t seen those for years’ Who was that noisy person, and how come they shouted my thoughts?

I remember my first I Spy, the pocket-size book full of interesting things to spot and report to Big Chief I Spy who in exchange for sixpence, and a stamped, addressed envelope sent me a certificate and badge, oooo I was proud. That was some time ago and poor old Big Chief has been usurped by the Michelin Man who charges £1, but awards points and, I assume, discount on tyres.

Cat's not too sure about the I Spy book

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