Number one for convenience


The Portable Throne Room - at your convenience

There are three things the Americans get absolutely right; breakfast, service and toilets. American breakfasts are the best in the world, nothing can compare with a shortstack of blueberry pancakes with a side of bacon and steaming hot coffee served by an attentive and efficient waitress.


On  matters toilet-related, the Americans have lifted the lid on service. Their conveniences are everything you want in a loo, clean, available, well-stocked with all you could possibly need, though thankfully not those silly chewable toothbrushes. But, best of all, they are free.

Top Toilet Trophy on our recent ski trip to Utah went to the Blue Lemon in Salt Lake City. The Blue Lemon, also winner of my Best Coffee of the Holiday Award, combined class, cleanliness and style with the eco touch of a sanitised flush lever, to be pushed up for number ones and down for number twos. (or liquids and solids as they preferred to call them). Seriously.

But for sheer over-statement, let me introduce you to A Regal Portable Restroom Experience – The Plush Flush from Royal Restrooms (offices nationwide). No skier at The Canyons was in danger of being caught short, they thought of everything! I was just disappointed they didn’t call it The Throne Room, but I guess in the USA, it’s the Oval Office.


Reflecting on the loos in Brighton, Utah




2 thoughts on “Number one for convenience

  1. Hmm… most American coffee I’ve drunk is horribly weak and not very nice. More a sort of dark brown water. So I don’t agree with you on that (although pancakes for breakfast are very good!)

    Also, whilst I can’t comment on the ladies, in almost every gent’s loo I’ve been in when in the US, the stalls are hardly there at all. Doors and panels stop a long way from the floor and there always seem to be huge gaps between the door and adjoining panels. It can be very disconcerting indeed to be so visible when… erm… going about your business! So a thumbs down on those too.

    But did I mention the pancakes? 😉

  2. Yea, I’m with you on the filter coffee, Nick, but served with the Full American (and the pancakes) it’s just the ticket.

    As for the toilets – what they lack in privacy, they make up for in size and services!

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