Glad Rags, Togs, Clobber and double Js

It started with an appeal for spare bras and in the came. All shapes and sizes, did you know cup sizes go to double J? DOUBLE J? Just as well really, as they were needed to make a cup-tacular backdrop for a dancing duo in a town centre shop.

Shoppers on the wet Saturday afternoon on Armley’s Town Street stopped in their tracks, as they saw Gerry Turvey and Sam Lawrence emerge from a pile of clothes on floor of the old Co-op dressed nothing but their long johns and the aforementioned double Js.

Over the next 20 minutes they danced, dressed and undressed, within the bounds of decency, of course, to the amusement and appreciation of the shoppers and passing motorists. I had an inside seat, in fact the only inside seat, so it felt like a personal performance, though I did have to work for the privilege and take photos.

Gerry and Sam’s performance of Glad rags, Togs and Clobber was the latest contribution to the I Love West Leeds Arts Festival in a Shop. The festival runs in July, but their hard-working director Jane Earnshaw has secured the old Co-op for a few months to bring a bit of creativity to the town centre.

Next week there’s a family dance workshops and then a weekend of film, fun and cakes – I definitely like the sound of THAT. I currently have my photos of local shopkeepers on display and today ran a photo workshop and photo treasure hunt with a small but perfectly formed group of enthusiasts.

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