Doing the rain dance

Noel’s doing a rain dance, which is amazing considering his first date words to me were, ‘I don’t dance’. He meant the kind of dancing that falls into the following categories: line, ballroom, disco and boogie woogie. Precipitation dancing, whether it’s rain or snow is another matter, especially when it’s in the name of meteorological research.

If it rains, the little plastic scales now mounted on the shed roof will send a wi fi message to a little flashy box, which will in turn chatter away to the computer and tell the world what the weather’s doing in our garden.

Noel’s Christmas present this year combined his interest in the weather with his geekiness. By the way, I’ve checked this out with him, he’s quite happy to be called a geek when used in its pure definition as someone who’s a computer enthusiast. He is not and never will be a nerd, dweeb, dork or gimp.

The Professional Remote Weather Station measures temperature (inside and outside), dewpoint, humidity, pressure, windspeed, windchill and direction and precipitation and has a collection of alarms an buzzers which seem to go off for no reason at all, or when the cat breaks wind, which, according to Noel, is quite often.

With the help of clever software, the readings are uploaded to our website and analysed. So far, we know it works with everything except precipitation, which is why Noel’s out there right now doing that crazy rain dance, a sight for sore eyes, I can tell you. Sadly the camera couldn’t capture his deft movements, you’ll have to make do with a shot of the anemometer.


Any way the wind blows...



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