The best £2-worth in Leeds

In these tough economic times, you’ve got to make sure every penny counts and you count every penny. Actually, we Yorkshire folk do that anyway as we like to be very careful with our cash.

But what can a couple of quid get you these days? Most of a tall skinny latte from Starbucks or Costa, a mug of tea and slice of mucky fat and bread from Clive’s Caff up the road, but they’re gone faster than you can say ‘belch’. No, for good value and a pretty good workout, you can’t beat a couple of hours climbing at The Leeds Wall

Noel and I have climbed for years, many of our friends are climbers – and a number of them joined us on our honeymoon in Chamonix where we all climbed together, the second week of the honeymoon, that is. We were on our own for the first…..of course!

But with the cold winter weather keeping us off the crags outside, where climbing is free, we’ve had to resort to the great indoors, where weekday climbing is just £2. A bargain and, I must say, the best £2-worth in Leeds, if not the whole of Yorkshire

The Leeds Wall


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