Curious cold white stuff

View from my catflap

They think I don’t know how to use the computer, but I do. I’ve spent many a happy sleep on the warm keyboard and figured it out, I’ve even accidentally written a couple of airport novels by moving my paws, twitching my whiskers or lashing my tail and pressing random keys. They’re saved in my secret folder ‘xndiwscghh‘, ah well, I can’t write human words all the time.

That cold, white stuff came again last night, it was very vexing and disturbed me at my toilette, well what to do when the ground is frozen and there’s someone in the bath? I can tell you I showed my displeasure big time and gave it a good, loud miaow with a quick hiss thrown in for good measure.

They normally go to bed before midnight, but he disappeared, he took the rolly rolly brum brum, the one they put me in for the journey to the Place of Pain, Prodding and Poking. I don’t like that at all, last time I came back with a bald patch and stitches.It caused him pain too when he paid the bill, but I am very cute and cuddly and  so worth it.

The roads were white, he didn’t even leave black lines behind, just white cold stuff. She wouldn’t sit still, I tried to kip on her lap, but she kept looking out of the window, so I did my ususal and tried to singe my fur in front of the fire.

A long time later he came back with two other people, I know them, they’re nice to me, I wanted to sit on their laps, but they were more interested in one of my spare beds. Their flying bird had gone to another flying bird landing place and their rolly rolly brum brum couldn’t go anywhere, so they stayed with me. I like company, so many laps to sit on, so much stroking, so much tickling of my ears. Bliss bliss bliss……

Off to sleep now.

Me, I'm clever, you know

3 thoughts on “Curious cold white stuff

  1. Don’t tell your mum, but you’re starting to take better pictures than she does! What camera are you using? How long have you been writing her blog? I know cats can’t spell, so here’s a hint – roly vs rolly. See the difference?

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