Another day, another 10k

Our 10k at Harewood House

This whole running lark is becoming seriously addictive, Noel, our friend Andrew and I have run five 10k races this year (I use the ‘race’ term more as a vague description than a statement of competitive intent). I’ve even done a little 5k in between, just for the pleasure of wearing a pink tutu.

Today’s was definitely the most challenging of the year, 10k around the hilly, make that very hilly, grounds of Harewood House, taking in, I’m told, the village of TV’s Emmerdale. Actually, I wouldn’t recognise the home of the Yorkshire soap opera if I fell over it, but it’s a bit of Yorkshire heritage nevertheless.

We were joined by our latest running recruit, Phil, who is a very good runner indeed, so we didn’t think we needed to warn her about the hills… I think she found them refreshing. I’ve finally managed to upload a running playlist to my iPod with an eclectic selection of rousing upbeat stormers from The Killers, Scissor Sisters, ELO, KT Tunstall and, of course, ABBA, punctuated with jazz from Jesse Cooke. Nice. I did get a few funny looks part way round, it seems the singing I thought was going on in my head was actually coming out of my mouth. Ah.

About 2000 people took part, again it was a moving spectacle, with many carrying messages in memory of loved ones, with the most poignant from a young man celebrating the life and mourning the death of his father who he described as his best friend. Noel ran for his uncle Trevor, who died earlier this year, me for my mum who died in 1983, both from cancer.

Our supporters’ club, Andrew’s wife Lou, kids Amber and Sam and Lou’s mum Margaret and hubby Glen were there to cheer us home. It’s a hard, but rewarding run, I grinned as I crossed the line and I’m still grinning now.Noel is grinning from ear to ear, he did it in 52.10, a personal best – mine was a more modest 65 minutes, I really must break that one hour barrier!

Thanks to folk who sponsored me, I’ve raised just short of £50 for Cancer Research. The sponsor page is still open for contributions!

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