Red cabbage fails the Sainsbury’s size test

Potatoes (white, red), onions (white, red), cabbage (white… Red? Where’s the RED?) What, no red cabbage? Not if you shop at a medium-sized Sainsbury’s store, it would seem.

I can fill my trolley, rented for £1 or even a Euro, they both fit the slot, with any amount of coloured greengrocery as I trip up and down the aisles at Sainsbury’s Eccleshill branch on the border with Leeds and Bradford. Indeed I can make a vegetable rainbow, so long as I don’t want red cabbage.

It seems that my local branch is one of Sainsbury’s medium-sized stores, whatever that means. Well, what it means is that while they sell every other red version of white vegetables, they don’t sell red cabbage. Why not? I asked the poor young man who I’d accosted in my cabbage-fuelled fury.

He didn’t have an answer, the brassica-obsessed redhead with a trolley full of veg probably scared him into silence. All he could simper was, ‘errrr, it just is…..’

“That,” I told him, “is cabbageist” at which point I abandoned my trolley, sacrificing my £1 and headed for Morrisons, where they stock red cabbage and red cauliflower, whatever the store size. Let’s hear it for the reds!


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