Will silicon silliness help raise cash?


A case of the muffins


What with the recession, rising costs and job losses, folk don’t have any cash to spare, so I’m reluctant to ask for sponsorship to run a mere 10k. So, I thought, I know what I’ll do, I’ll be a bit silly, well actually it turned out to be not just a bit silly, but very silly indeed.

While clearing away after an bun-baking session – chocolate and flapjack, but not in the same batch –  I was struck by the attractiveness of the silicon baking trays. For a start, they were a lovely pink colour, a contrast to the baked-on bun colour of my traditional tins, then there was the bendiness which made them fun in an I-really-do-need-to-get-out-more kind of way.

It just happened that the numbers and sponsor forms for the Run 10k for Cancer Research arrived that day and the thought process went from ‘I must think of a way to encourage sponsorship’ to ‘what if I pretend the muffin tray is a kind of bra, wear pastry cutters as bangles and take my photo…? People may sponsor me out of sympathy’. I hadn’t even been drinking, but I needed one as I set up the pop-up studio in the lounge watched by the curious cat and the sniggering voice-activated remote control and light stand, for Noel would have to press the shutter.

Here’s a word of advice. If you’re ever thinking of trying the silicon muffin cases for bras thing, beware. While they are completely non-stick at oven temperatures of 200C, they react very differently at body temperature, more like a mould, hugging the skin, creating a little vacuum, not letting go. I’ll spare you the details except to say Noel thought it was very funny and the cat seemed to laugh too.

We entered the same 10k at Harewood House, near Leeds, last year. Runners are invited to run with messages on their backs celebrating the lives of loved ones, or to share memories of those who have died from cancer. Noel had dedicated his race to Uncle Trevor and me to my friend Beck’s mum, who  at that point were bravely fighting their cancers, it seemed like they were winning. Sadly since then, both have lost.

If I’ve made you smile and you’ve a fiver or so to spare, please sponsor me, the run’s on 31 October If you offer me enough, I’ll bake you some muffins!


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