Victoriana with that Egyptian/Tyke flavour

Tuck into an exclusive Victorian banquet in an Egyptian Temple surrounded by modern-day images of food for a tenner a head? Oh yes please. Never mind the clash of genres, this was not to be missed, especially as three of the images were mine.

On the menu was pork presented in so many ways, they had to deconstruct and reconstruct the pig, complete with head and trotters, roast veg done to perfection and some lentil concoction for the vegetarians, who I’m guessing were not flocking to an event where Babe’s head was staring out the diners. The pudding was almost too perfect to eat, a giant Eton Mess guarded by divine cup cakes, somehow I got to be first in the queue by pretending to take photos……

The banquet was served up at Temple Works, one of Leeds’ grade one listed buildings. Once a flax mill with a quirky Eqyptian design complete with chimney obelisk, it fell on hard times, then fell over in part a couple of years ago when one of its pillars collapsed. Now, after escaping the dreadful fate of becoming yet another apartment conversion in a city already oversubscribed with them, it’s an arts centre with aspirations of becoming a Tyke Tate, but better, by gum.

The banquet was served in what an estate agent would describe as a cellar conversion, but was, in fact, a cellar with no conversion whatsoever. Still, it added to the charm. There’s no kitchens there, so the food was prepared elsewhere, with the nervous chefs carrying the trays across the yard and down the steps to the cheers of the diners.

Each course was greeted with a cheer, Noel went for seconds, as did James, SImon and Martin, no wonder the Test Space Leeds organisers went home hungry, there was nothing left for them! The Eton mess was a triumph, set back in one of the cellar alcoves, illuminated with fairy lights, I rushed to take a photo, along with a guy who looked vaguely familiar – he turned out to be Edd, one of the contestants in BBC TV’s Great British Bake-Off casting a semi-professional eye over the huge confection. He couldn’t tell me whether he’d won or not – but I’m definitely keeping my fingers crossed!

We had to leave early, so missed out on the entertainment, though I did get to see my photos projected, hey, no-one prints any more! We definitely got our £10 worth. More, please!

Apologies for the general randomness of the layout, WordPress is a new mystery to me!

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