The monster tomato glut of Calverley

You know the scariest Dr Who monsters ever? No, not the Daleks, they can’t climb stairs and no-one who lives in Leeds, where the largest office block in the city, Bridgewater Place, looks like a giant Dalek, can take them seriously. I’m talking about the Weeping Angels, the statues who move when you’re not looking and get you, so scampering to hide behind the settee is impossible.

Well, the Tumbling Toms I grew from seed and cultivated with my own fair hand, are the edible and friendlier non-monster Weeping Angels. Turn your back and they grow. Pick them and they grow. Oh, for Heaven’s sake, look at them and they grow. It’s official, we have a tomato glut.

Fortunately, we like tomatoes, especially when they are sprinkled with herbs, oven-dried for a few hours, sauted with onion, garlic and a glug of read wine, spread over freshly-made dough, covered with mozzarella, topped with pepperoni, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, baked for 15 minutes and served with the rest of the wine.


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