Open garden at the in-laws

Gardens in the Wakefield village of Wrenthorpe threw open their gates at the weekend, giving neighbours the chance to have a good old nosey at just what IS over the hedge.

My in-laws, who are Big in Horticulture and have medals to prove it, had worked like mad to get their half-acre 1 in 15 sloping garden ready for viewing, which at 73 and 71 respectively wasn't bad going. Noel and I were roped in for guiding and tea and coffee-making duties. All I can say is that if retirement's such hard work, I'm going to leave it as long as possible!

They raised nearly £200 for charity and made a lot of fellow gardeners very happy – or relieved that they didn't have to look after so much land. Though they all looked quite envious when I showed them the raised beds with fresh vegetables and fruit. Of course we'd had some for dinner – they tasted like heaven.

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