A pink kind of day

Three thousand women, one colour, one objective, to Race for Life. Women of all ages, shapes, sizes and running abilities converged on Pontefract Racecourse to somehow put five kilometres behind us, raise some money for Cancer Research, but most importantly to make a mass statement in shocking pink that together we can beat that terrible disease.

After wrestling the pink netting from the cat, who had claimed it as yet another sleeping place, I finally managed to complete four tutus for our little team, Lou, Margaret, Jackie and your truly with a spare for eight-year-old Amber.

Even though it was a fun run, we were keen to finish in a good time. I'd pressed every button on my multi-function watch and somehow set it into random beeping mode, but fortunately the numbers on the face were big enough for me to see to count off the kilometres. We classed ourselves as joggers, not walkers, so were near the front at the start and amazingly, that's where we stayed, working our way through the field. I turned round to see what looked like a pink contrail behind, as pink tutus, pyjamas and teeshirts merged into one.

Many wore heartbreaking messages on their backs, celebrating the lives of loved ones. Towards the end, I was passed by a lady setting a stonking pace, her tutu trailing behind, a baseball cap covering her head, hardly hiding the evidence of hair loss from what must have been aggressive chemotherapy, Her message simply said  "I race for a cure'.

Thanks to those who sponsored, it looks like I'll raise about £100. Thanks to Noel for the photos and support.

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