Running with Fireman Vader

Panting and heavy breathing is par for the course on a run, in my case there's spluttering, coughing, gasping for breath and the occasional hiccup. But the laboured breathing of the Jedi Knight turned to the Dark Side was like something transported straight from the Death Star.

The Force was strong with Fireman Vader, who'd clearly turned his back on the dastardly deeds of his wicked brother Darth and vowed to fight the fires of evil, but needed to put in a bit of training to reach peak condition. That training landed him in Hull where he legged the whole of the Humber Bridge 10k in full battle gear. His trusty aide ran beside him with spare oxygen tank which was changed a couple of times en route, and still he came in ahead of me! Though how could I object to running behind two burly firemen…?

Noel had headed off quite soon in the run, and was waiting for me about 200m from the end, having finished, got his tee-shirt, showered and read the paper.

"You're on for a personal best if you keep this up" he shouted

I switched to overdrive, a button I never knew I had, and sprinted to the finish, yelling at two spectators who were wandering cross my path 'OUT OF MY WAY, I'M ON A PERSONAL BEST!!!' I think I scared them, but not so much as the poor runner who'd overtaken me down the road and I was now beating to the finishing line. Actually, I scared myself too, it seems I can run faster. Maybe next time I won't take my camera and chat with marshalls en route, that could shave minutes off the time!

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