A year of coffee – the first quarter

2010 is International Coffee Year in our house. Granted, we love coffee, we drink a lot of it and we have a little Gaggia-shaped shrine in the kitchen where we worshop at the altar of coffee.

It all started at the beginning of the year when I realised my phone took rather good-quality photos, I snapped whatever was at hand which usually turned out to be coffee as I tend to drink it wherever I go. Well, it was either that or the ladies room and, believe me, I'd prefer not to see many of them again, especially one in a little hut in Italy, but less about that……

My long-suffering friend Andrew tended to be on the receiving end of many of the photos, along with a short text where I would basically show off, boasting about the latest coffee-drinking venue…. Chamonix….. Geneva…. Lausanne… .Bruges….. Derby Station…… Some of the photos were rather nice so I decided to take coffee photos all year, then put them together in a montage at the end of it and celebrate with, well, a cup of coffee. Of course I had to set rules, all photos to be taken with the phone, only good coffee allowed, you know the kind of thing.

Above is the work in progress, a montage using all the photos on my hard drive and the original, taken last week in Macon, France, where the coffee scored 4 out of 10. Below are other coffee shots, I intent to take hundreds of coffee photos for the final montage….

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2 thoughts on “A year of coffee – the first quarter

  1. Thanks, Mark. I'm becoming seriously addicted to the nectar, the taste, smell, appearance and setting! I'm hoping the Year of Coffee will give me excuses to take photos in more exotic places – maybe I'll stretch it to a Decade of Coffee!

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