The increasing vocabulary of a two-year-old

Elisabeth's vocabulary is quite remarkable for a two-year-old. We'd arrived for our Christmas visit, armed with the Scalextric which was quickly unwrapped then handed to Daddy and Grandad to play with. As usual, I was led by the hand into the playroom where Thomas, Gordon, Toby and Percy were carefully placed on their wooden track, attached to their tenders and pushed up the most unnatural gradient a railway's ever seen.

She chattered away, 60 to the dozen, mostly to me, some of it to herself, then announced that Thomas and Gordon were 'quite similar'. Wow, I answered, 'similar', that's a good word for a two-year-old. Hannah, her mum, said her vocabulary was growing every day, she was picking it up everywhere. Only yesterday she announced that a little boy was 'pissed off' at losing a toy. Hannah was shocked – 'what did you say?'. Elisabeth showed she was not only articulate, but quick-thinking 'fed up, the boy was fed up'  Hannah had to laugh.

Noel did get to do some playing, he reckons Elisabeth thinks of him as the 'man who comes with Anne', so he was thrilled when she led him into the playroom as I chatted to Tom. A few minutes later she came looking for me again, she needed help with the train track. Noel was gutted.

She tired after a while and wanted to go to bed, insisting I get in with her, what a squash that was! Still, she nearly fell asleep, but not quite. Suddenly she was up again running around and making the rocking horse into a tent with the quilt, very creative, though the living tent pole (me) was never going to be long-term arrangement.

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