A day of dance

They both had dancing, they both had flying and they both had comedy, but only one performance was worth paying to watch the other was, well, best kept for private viewing

This week's snow was beautiful while it fell and landed, but turned paths, roads and muddy tracks into skating rinks as it started to melt and then froze again as temperatures dropped  Our planned trip to North Yorkshire to play Santa to Granddaughter had to be postponed, six inches of snow had fallen overnight, the only vehicle moving was Tom's tractor. So we decided to blow the cobwebs away with a walk in the snowy woods. Then the peformance began, the sliding, the slipping, the tottering, the arm-waving, and that was just getting to the gate. It was like something from Coppelia with the jerky movements and Swan Lake with the gliding as we inched our way to the woods. The flying came later – with no wires.It was ballet of a sort, but nothing anyone would really want to see.

Fast forward a few hours and we were taking our seats at the Leeds Grand for the Northern Ballet's production of Peter Pan. It was magical and magnificent, delightful and visually delicious. We were transported to Neverland, flying  high with Peter Pan, fighting fiercelyalongside The Lost Boys, tick-tocking across the stage with the crocodile and walking the plank with Captain Hook. Oh, the cleverness of Us!

I did have ballet lessons when I was a youngster, pink satin shoes and little ribbons. It didn't last long, I was more of a footballer than a ballerina, as today's little expedition proved!


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