Dashing Santa on the starting blocks

The Santa suit has arrived ready for the 5k Santa Dash on Sunday. When it says one size fits all, it means that it fits all the people within a 100 metre radius. The trousers pull up to just under my chin and I can fit both legs in one leg. If it's windy, the jacket will catch so much air, I'll take off, a real, live Santa balloon floating over Pontefract Racecourse. The belt wraps around me twice. Fortunately the beard and the hat fit like a glove….

Noel is sitting this one out, he thinks it would make him look silly….Andrew, however, having just returned from Lapland where he's seen the REAL Santa, will joining in. That leaves Lou and Noel to do the photography and Amber and Sam to cheer us on.

After a week of shouting at and poking my new phone, I finally seem to be getting to grips with all the non-buttons, this Santa photo was taken with it.

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