The fence behind the hedge

Spy cat

Originally uploaded by StripeyAnne

Andy Hedgeman turned up bright and early on Saturday morning to give our overgrown, outgrown-its-usefulness hedge its final, fatal trim.

The leylandaii were getting too big for their boot-sized roots. Besides, I had grand plans for our tiny garden which did not involve anything coniferous. I had negotiated with our neighbours, who were quite relaxed about the hedge disappearing, in fact I think they were planning a wake to celebrate the disappearance of the light-robber.. We knew there was a fence of sorts, but were very surprised when Andy worked his chainsaw magic and revealed a fully intact fence. Damn. And we'd just bought £300 worth of fence. Still, the old patchwork fence wasn't as good as our new fancy fence with crissy-crossy trellis topping.

It was going to be a major undertaking to fit the new fence, requiring the skills of someone with spacial awareness. So that was me out, then. Thank goodness for Martin who is definitely a DIY demi-god. He tuirned up with his rucksack full of useful tools and helped Noel make short work of the fence fitting. I made the tea.The cat stayed well clear, preferring to watch us from the warmth of the bedroom windowsill.

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