In search of Cedric Morris

My septuagenarian in-laws are off on their travels again, this time with a mission. I've blogged before about their fame in the horticultural world. they certainly do have flower power. In fact it's coming up to the first anniversary of HRH the Prince of Wales pinning an MBE on James' lapel for his services to the tulip world.

But this latest trip is not tulip-related, it's all about daffodils; daffodils in winter, daffodils in Spain. Next week they are picking up their trusty friend Janet and flying out to Asturias where they hope to find Cedric Morris. Janet, the pet name for their satnav, is reliable in locating obscure map references. UInfortunately she's can't work miracles when it comes to tracking down Cedric, as he was last seen 50 years ago on a steep banking near Gijon.

Cedric Morris is a rare daffodil in those parts, with sightings rare and unsupported by photographic evidence. The daffodil, named after artist and plantsman Sir Cedric Lockwood Morris (1989-1982) is unusal because it flowers in November.

So it's off to Oviedo they go, with more optimisim about finding good food and wine than Cedric, but, hey, they'll certainly have fun trying.

Thanks to Wikipedia for the photo – let's hope I can take use James' next time!


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