No glaciers in Nottingham

Above us only sky….

Originally uploaded by StripeyAnne

I knew today was going to be cool and crisp and sunny, so chucked the sunglasses case into my bag and headed for the train. By the time I emerged in Nottingham, the sun was bright, so I unzipped the case, only to find I'd brought Noel's glacier glasses by mistake.

Mine have interchangeable lenses, so can be glacier glasses, but Noel's are the classic leather-sided black-rimmed sort seen on Chris Bonnington. I'd describe my fashion look today as Mountain Business Chic.

So I blame the low visibility for my getting lost.

As I tried to fumble my way across the city, I bumped into a postie who cheerfully pointed me in the right direction and kindly turned my map the right way round. The second time I saw him, he turned me the right way round.and told me to ignore the map as it clearly wasn't helping. The third time, he sighed, pointed up the hill I'd just stagged down, and told me not to worry, he'd be back there in an hour if I was still lost.

The irony was I'd arrived 45 minutes early and had wandered off to take photos, relying on my finly-honed sense of direction to get me back on track. In my defence, can I say I got to my destination on time? Just?

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