Flickr Five go to Chatsworth


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Forget about packing the picnic hamper with potted beef sandwiches and lashings of ginger beer, this more discerning Five headed straight for the coffee and cake after the 60-mile drive to Chatsworth House.

Digital Knave (Nick), JinkyJim (Paul, who has never been called Jim, it's not even his middle name) BaggyJumper (Julia, whose jumpers seem to fit well) and Sicliff (Simon) along with myself were the Flickr Five let loose with cameras to capture the Beyond Limits sculpture exhibition.

We're a pretty arty lot ourselves, the joint navigational skills of Paul and myself were poetry in motion, though the motion was sometimes in the wrong direction. This set the tone for the day, frivolity and giddiness, plus giggling at the anatomical features of some sculptures – and discussions of comparative sizes, the effect of the cold and artistic licence. And us all grown up, I ASK you.

The sculptures were scattered around the beautiful grounds, framed in a fabulous setting and reflecting the blazing colours of autumn. Given the challenge of getting there, the wisdom of either Paul or me stepping into the maze was questionable, but it seemed such a small maze. How wrong can a person be? After a bit of wandering and a lot of about turns, we gave up, exiting to see Nick watching us from a vantage point, he'd already been in, found the centre, signed the book there and left. We couldn't really challenge him, which of us was EVER going to get to the centre to prove him wrong?

Our artistic sensibilities were challenged when we came across this coloured scooter -like sculpture. Was it a political statement, or maybe a representation of love and its many facets? Could it describe loneliness and desolation? We pondered but had no answers, though glad of the intellectual stimulation and fired up for more cake to fuel our thoughts, we headed for the cakery, only to be overtaken by a child who had taken the scooter sculpture and was about to beat us to the last slice of ginger and Marmite cake.

Who says art isn't fun?

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