‘Sonovabitch is dead……..!’


'Sonovabitch better stay dead!'

……Two of the final lines from a little-known but very enjoyable 1980 film starring Walter Matthau and Glenda Jackson. I know them off by heart, along with pretty much the rest of the film, its sets, the costumes and those quaint late 1970s fashions.

Not that Hopscotch is a great film, it's so-so, worth the admission price at the cinema. What makes it special is that along with Top Gun and the TV version of Pride and Prejudice, it's one of my comfort programmes. The programmes I watch when I'm poorly, sad or just watch to be massively self-indulgent. You see, I have Swine Flu. Well, probably not flu and possibly not porcine, but definitely a cold, or at least a bit of a sore throat. I'm not a very good patient, there's far too much to do and too little time to do it to spend languishing in bed coughing, spluttering, sneezing and making mucus (by the way, why IS it green?), but there comes a point where you just have to rest and let it takes its course.

One sure way of making me feel better when I'm poorly is to curl up on the sofa with a fluffy blanket and a steaming mug of tea, turn off the mobile, allow the cat to settle, usually making a warm nest on my tummy and zap the TV with the remote and let the credits roll. The sad and self-indulgent versions involve alcohol and chocolate, but as I currently have no taste buds, and feel dizzy enough, I'll go with the tea and save the chocolate for later.

I don't remember how Hoscotch became one of my comfort films, it's not soppy, or even a classic, I think it just happened to be on TV on one of the rare occasions I had to admit I was sick. I guess the same could be said of Top Gun which I can never watch too many times, what with all that fancy camerawork and fabulous flying and great, if corny, one-liners……ooooo, you can be MY wingman any time…….bullshit…..you can be mine. Pride and Prejudice is of course in a class of its own, I even managed to quote it in my dissertation, the wet shirt scene……gosh, I've come over all unnecessary. And do you know what? I feel better already.

Now, where's the alcohol and chocolate?

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