Three go running



When Andrew said he fancied to get fitter and try running, I suggested he try a 10k with us. How about the Harewood 10k? I asked. OK, he said, why not….??

Noel and I had done it last year and, as with all experiences, the hard slog and gut-busting strain are soon forgotten when you cross the finishing line and head off for liquid refreshment…so I didn't think twice about suggesting the hilly and challenging course for Andrew's first 10k. All I had in mind was the lovely views, kind surfaces and knowledge that there would be a medal waiting for us at the end.

Andrew had checked the terrain and was slightly apprehensive. Actually, he was very nervous as the highest climb on his home training run is a bridge – and the camber in the road, that's Selby for you…….. We were held up in traffic en route, so he got slightly worried as time passed by and he had no running mates, so he had to call to check we hadn't chickened out…as if…

The experience was once again fantastic. As we lined up to start, we were cheered on by Sam, Amber, Lou.Margaret and Glen. The children had pained a special sign – Go Dad! It made all the difference to see and hear them cheering at the start and the finish.

This was the Run 10k for Cancer Research, we ran our races for brave friends and relatives. My colleague Beck has an amazing story of her own to tell, but it was her mum I wanted to honour, 30 years fighting cancer, she's just finished a course of chemotherapy and wants to get back to living a normal life, what an inspiration. Noel ran for Uncle Trevor, who's just starting treatment for a brain tumour. Trevor is upbeat, positive and another fighter.

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