Finally facing my Waterloo

The lady who sat opposite me on the train had that sort of air about her that made me want to strike up a conversation. She was about my age, just a couple of years older as it turned out and was clearly quite excited about something. That something, I soon discovered, was her triip was taking her to Derby to sign on the dotted line as a masters student. Talk about coincidence!

I revealed I was due to hand in my dissertation the following day and so we shared stories.about the excitement, nervousness and age-related turning point we had both had to turn us to academia. I've had a brilliant time over the past year, made new friends, learned new things and entered the closeted world of academia. Kissinger was right when he said university politics were so vicious because the stakes were so small. I love writing, but the style required for my dissertation was so dull, so staid, with a requirement to put ten words when one would do, making sure those words were explained in minute detail so there could be no doubt that ABBA was, in fact, a Swedish band who enjoyed some fame outside the academic world in the 70s, 80s, 90s and noneties.

She'll be doing an MSc at Derby, I compared universities to church heirarchy and said if York was a church, it would have sung mass and swinging inscense, while Derby might be more like Methodist or United Reform. She laughed, her dad was a vicar, so she knew exactly what I was talking about.

I wished her well and promised her adventure would open her eyes to a new world. I gave her my card and asked her to let me know how she gets on. I hope she does!

Now I've to get on with making a living….

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