Mamma Mia and the range of light

It’s a sacrifice, but you just have to do it in the name of learning. My research dissertation on Mamma Mia took me to Harewood House to witness an open air screening of this film phenomenon. Despite days of downpour, the rain cleared and just short of 1000 people squelched through the mud with their fold-up chairs, brollies, blankets and flasks of something hot, well, it is a British summer, you know.

Our two lovely friends Rachel and Martin joined us, we girls were very giddy and keen to get into the spirit of it. Not so much as the Anna-Fried and Agnetha look-alikes in the crowd, but keen nevertheless. Noel and Martin were less than excited, they had definitely come under sufference, though as Rachel pointed out, she had made the supreme sacrifice earlier of spending what seemed like an entire day in B and Q looking at radiator fittings. Noel has added this to the 'you owe me one' list

I was amazed at the age range there, lots of children, who seemed to know the words to all the songs, along with some people older than Noel (damn, that's another one on the 'owe' list) and a group of people with learning disabilities who were absolutely thrilled throughout.

While the crowds danced and cheered or, as in the case or Pierce Brosnan’s singing, winced, nature was putting on her own display behind us. I had was torn over doing the Dancing Queen moves or turning my back on it and trudging across the field to photograph it. I reasoned that I could see Mamma Mia any time, this sunset would never be the same again. My my, how could I resist it?

It seemed like the spectacular sunset was almost as if by way of an apology for the wash-out summer. Apology accepted

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