An artist fitted our catflap

Cat in a flap

Originally uploaded by StripeyAnne

Thanks to the magic of the internet we found a true artist to fit our catflap. Hieronymus Bosch came equpped with all the tools of the trade to complete an installation, a work of art. Heironymous, or Allan as he prefers to be known, got a lot of ribbing at school, though he confessed that as the Boy Named Sue, it made a man out of him..His namesake was a 15th century Dutch artist who specialised in fantastic imagery to illustrate religious concepts and narrarives, so Wikipedia tells me.

Noel asked if he used the tools produced by his modern-day namesake.

Naw, he said, I use Hitachi.

Anyway, he did a great job, the cat can now come and go as he pleases, not that he didn't do that anyway. Though he's having a little trouble getting used to it…..

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