A girlie day out

It's been on the calendar for some time, next to today's date, 'girlie day out'. No times, or place or anything organised like that, Ruth and I had agreed this was when we'd play out and do whatever the hell we liked for a blissful and in Ruth's case, child-free day.

Ruth's one of my longest-serving and best friends, well friendship has to endure when one of the first things she told me when she was a sprightly 20-odd-year-old, was that she'd never actually KNOWN anyone over 30, let alone spent time with them.  To put it into context, my 31st (or was it 32nd) birthday was the first time we met. They were new to our church so I thought they'd like to meet some of us at a birthday get-together, it's an odd  thing to start a phone call to a total stranger ….'You don't know me but….. would you like to come to my party..?' but she and Andy came and we've been friends ever since.

This is the bit in films where there's a montage of pictures to represent passing years……good times and bad times, happy and sad along with some absolute howlers (remember the knocked-out fireplace/swing over the water and not quite making it across?!. So with all that behind us and much more ahead, we met up, ambled around Harlow Carr Gardens and ate at Betty's, we were truly ladies lunching and, despite my advanced years, we still managed to lower the average age.

So we spent a pleasant day talking about this and that, marvelling at the skill of the Harlow Carr gardeners and drinking tea. Now you tell me, does it get any better than that?

Two of my sisters-in-law, my brother-in-law and my parents'-in-law came over the other night for an evening of merry chatter and Trivial Pursuit, so we had quite a house full. The teams were drawn along the lines of under and over-50s, there we are with the age theme again. Fortunately we were distracted from our losing streak by the appearance of the cat who disgraced himself.

'How dare you fart before our guests!' I yelled at him as they wafted away the smell.

He stared at me and, in that cat language only I can understand said:

"I didn't know it was their turn"

Sometimes he's so witty. Sometimes he just farts a lot.

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