The lights dimmed at 22.48

All over the country this morning there was a collective groan as alarm clocks interrupted too-short sleeps. Wimbledon fever had already swept the country with the prospect of Andy Murray, a Brit, reaching further than the quarter-finals, even if the English had to grudgingly admit he's a Scot.

The fancy new concertina roof had to be closed before he came on to court, which was just as well as its floodlights were also needed as Andy put us all through agony my taking what should have been an easy victory for the number three seed against an inspired Stanislas Warwrinka to five sets.

Out of the window went our training run, harvesting of our mange tout crop (a major undertaking, the canes are creaking under the weight) and eating. Fortunately taking the cap off the beer bottle was a quick job. It seems the rest of the country was doing the same, the BBC wiped out its Monday evening schedule, consigning Eastenders to BBC2, the best place for it with all that 'l-e-a-v-e i-t o-u-t!! and S-l-a-g!!!!' dialogue and delaying the Ten O'Clock News. The country was on tenterhooks, we're all so desperate for a winner!

Finally, at 10.48, Andy scored the winner and the electricity of a nation surged as kettles were turned on and the lights dimmed. This morning there are many bleary eyes, people are emailing radio stations with tales of lost sleep and big tasks to do today – pity the poor tracher who said he'd to run a sports day for 600 kids after five hours sleep.

The next Murray match is Wednesday. I'll make the salad beforehand….The beer's in the fridge…

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