Green shoots of recovery and has-beans

When you do something new, you get all excited. Noel wil tell you I'm not the most patient of people, I like things to happen NOW! So digging up the flower bed last October to maye way for two coffin-shaped raised beds presented us with a challenge. They were ready and empty. What COULD we plant? It seems that at that time of year, there's little choice. Onions and garlic, that's your lot.

In hindsight maybe two rows of garlic and four of onions was perhaps overdoing it. In fact I had so many onions left over I scattered them around the borders, with interesting and mixed results. I'm told slugs don't like them and I haven't seen many around yet this year so maybe it was serendipity.

I can also reveal that no matter how much greenery is showing at the top, it's no indication of a bulging garlic bulb below. I know because I dug one up – and there was nothing there except a tiny bulbette and a lot of roots – so it was quickly re-planted. I don't think it noticed…….

The peas are shooting up – I've had to restrain them with cane and string, otherwise they'll take over teh garden. But the beans? Has-beans I'm afraid. They were fine in the house, but evidently you need to harden them off before planting out. And after Noel went to all that trouble putting up supports with his manly DIY skills. He's gutted., though not entirely beanless, a couple I had left over were thrust into another of the borders, they are doing very well, thank you very much.

And ther's the carrots, spring onions, broccoli, tomatoes, chillis, strawberries and raspberries to look forward to.,


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