A lonely place

A lonely place

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High up on the I80 between Utah and Wyoming is a lonely, desolate place where a man lost his life for doing his job.

The cross marks the place where Trooper William Antoniewicz pulled up a motorist for a traffic offence. The motorist pulled out a rifle and shot the trooper, killing him immediately.

I wanted to get a solitary figure in the distance (thanks, Noel!) to show just how lonely and sad this place is.

We'd never have seen this if it hadn't been for our (err, I mean my) lack of navigational ability. I blame the big sky and featureless landscape for getting my easts and wests mixed up……. By the time I realised, we were nearly in Wyoming. Still, spotting the cross high on the hill set my journalistic nose a-sniffing.

All the lovely things

Last year I bought a book where the main character, a little girl, kept a list of everyday things which she called lovely things. Personally, I'd had a couple of very unlovely years, so it inspired me to look for good things every time I blogged.

How life has changed over the past year, I can truly say life is good. Very different, but good, great in fact! So I'm saying thanks to John McLay for his book On Mountain Rock for his inspiration and am going to start a new theme, thanks to the US airline Delta. Delta's Sky Mall magazine is the Scotcade for the Noughties, the glossy magazine that offers you everything you never needed, but with style, or lack of it. I chortled my way across the Atlantic. It's just too good not to share, so I give you, from today until I get bored with it, Today's Must-Have…

Today's Must-Have – Brightfeet Lighted Slippers
Nightlights for your feet. No more running into doors, furniture or anything not easily seen in the dark. The slippers use sensors and shut-off delays to provide the ultimate night-time convenience. A mere $39.95

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