Orange. black and white….


What's orange, black and white….ooo, I've done that already. It's still me – and Noel! Talk about Big Dumps – (absent friends). I fell yesterday and just couldn't get up, it was a bottomless pit of powder. It was all there, comedy falling over, head plant, getting up just far enough to fall over again… and repeat……

It snowed most of last night so today we're going local, which means a nice, easy, lazy start before we get into the Biggest Car in the World. Seven seats, I ask you! It just wallows along the road guzzling gas, but at the $2 a gallon, there's not a lot of incentive for folk to have smaller cars.

We had to start out the day with breakfast TV to catch up on the weather. It's hosted by Ron Burgundy-a-like, who today tasted traditional Easter pork loin with yams.. 'You have yams with that? Co-o-o-l!' He informed there had been a few 'slide-ups' on the snowy road, which is rather a nice way of saying bumps. But in our 4×4, there will be no slide-ups today!

Right then. The slopes are calling our names…..

Today's lovely thing
Americanisms. y'all

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