The Day Thou Gavest……

The Day Thou Gavest……

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When I was a lass, dutifully going to not only the morning, but also the evening service at the local Methodist church, my favourite hymn to finish Sunday was number 667 in the hymn book:

The day thou gavest, Lord is ended
The darkness falls at thy behest…'

It was a melancholy tune and I could see the shadows lengthening through the windows as the chords from the last verse died down and the hymnbooks were closed for another week..

As we walked through the woods this evening, the shadows growing on the daffodils, the hymn was running through my mind – I almost burst into song, but remembered that Calverley Woods was a peaceful place and wouldn't want to be disturbed. Certainly not by me. Especially as I can only sing the alto part!

I still have my Methodist Hymn Book. When there's no-one around, I have a good sing, but more often than not, I just like to turn the wafer-thin pages and run my finger along the gold leaf – it's more worn in some places than others, a good sign of where my favourites were.

All together now…

To God, be the glory, great things he has done…..
So loved He the world that…….

Ah. Just me singing then! Oooops!

Today's lovely thing

Spring, but yet. 100 per cent chance of snow in Park City….

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