We’ve been Googled!

Google has just launched its down-your-way extension to its fabulous maps. Evidently some time last summer, a man with a van and a fancy camera was down our road. And lo and behold, there we are now on the Interweb in all our glory!

There's a bit of a fuss in the Land of the Stiff Upper Lipped. Invasion of privacy and all that. I mean, what if someone SEES something? What if someone spots that there's an open window in a house and burgles it? And what about the individuals caught on camera? Like the man coming out of the sex shop, or another throwing up? OK, so they wouldn't be too pleased about that kind of exposure, but in general, it's brilliant!

I was particularly pleased that the cameras had come after I'd planted the pots and filled the hanging basket. Fortunately it hadn't caught me bending over in the garden in an unflattering manner, not that I have a muffin top of course, or gasping for breath as I move around the village in what I optimistically call running.

There was no sign of the cat in the window, though. He was probably doing his usual thing. Sleeping, or eating, or eating in his sleep.

Today's lovely thing
Sprouting seeds – the lettuce should be ready soon

And here's a photo of Noel with Elisabeth. I have NO idea what he was doing!

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