A walk on the wet side

The changing rooms at the sports centre were closed today, as they were last week and the week before and the week before that. That meant we 'dry' sports people had to go to the 'wet' side. The up side is the wet changing rooms don't smell of sweaty trainers and other things that get sweaty. The down side is, apart from them being wet is it's full of bawling babies and toddlers tearing around befrore their swim. I know, I know, I'm grumpy and intolerant, we only children are like that. Granted, I was a bit grumpy already after carefully packing my change of clothes, make-up and shower gel, but forgetting my towel.

In the next cubicle I could hear a mum and her little boy

'Mum, do I have to take my trousers off?'
'Yes, love, your trousers'
'And my underpants?
'Yes, love, and your underpants. You can't put your trunks on over your underpants'
'Yes love'
'I want to weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee'
'Yes love, so do I. We can wee together'
Good grief!
'I like swimming, mum.'
'So do I love'
'I like it a lot'

So they both toddled off to the toilet.

'Yes love'
'I love you, I LOVE you, I DO!'

I take it all back, grumpiness gone. Everyone should be told they're loved.

Today's lovely thing
24" of new snow in Park City

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