The half-way mark

They say education is wasted on the young. I'm not sure who they are, probably some old fogies sitting in bathchairs, waving their sticks at the radiogram, exclaiming 'This country! It's gone to the dogs!'

I'm not sure I agree with the stick-wielding bathchair boys. Nothing's wasted on the young, it's just that the older you get, the less time you have to waste, so best make the most of every minute. A year ago I was in a Bad Place, and I don't mean the M25 on a Friday evening.  It was all down to my job, or rather lack of it and future career, and lack of that too. The half-century was approaching and I had no idea how I was going to spend the rest of my working life.Watching movies, pottering in the garden, skiing, climbing, trekking, entertaining friends and stroking the cat didn't come under any job description I'd ever seen. It seemed hopeless.

So I changed direction and became a student. Just a year, mind you, for time time being at least.A superb university, excellent school and wonderful classmates – or should I say fellow students? That's a photo of me with Min. Now it's the half-way mark. Two essays down, both passed, three to go – then the dissertation. And I can honestly say I'm enjoying every minute. It's a different world, where you can argue that black is white, or black and white is colour, provided you can back it up with evidence. The walls of every room ooze learning and new ideas, excitement and possibilities. My new friends provoke me to think differently, I see the world through eyes I've never had before and I want more! I feel like my brain has woken up, done a few excercises and is fit to do a marathon. Shame my body can't follow!

No, education isn't wasted on the young at all, I never want to stop learning, whether it's at university, work, hurtling down the ski slope or inventing a new recipe.

Today's lovely thing
Mud-splattered trainers after a run in the woods

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