The class swot

Greg Dyke

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I am officially a swot. York University Chancellor Greg Dyke chaired a panel session on careers in the media and creative industries. Yes, I am an old hack who’s HAD a career in the media, but I was interested to hear what they had to say. And, if I was cunning enough, I could ask the panel a question to use in my next essay on the future of TV.

What would TV look like in ten years, I wanted to know. And would any of us watch scheduled TV ever again?

The panel included a couple of other old hacks and guys from the media and creative industries. The answers were interesting. They saw a future for Saturday night family viewing – and programmes that couldn’t be pirated. As for the rest, well…….. while there will still be the networks, internet TV is the future. With the added bonus that you don’t need a TV licence for the BBCiPlayer.

Of course, I got the chance to try out my new lens, it’s not very forgiving and I tend to have more misses than hits – but, hey, I’m not wasting film!

My classmate Jay was desperate to meet Greg Dyke – and have his meeting recorded… not my finest photo, but one for Jay to treasure when he’s Director General!


Today’s lovely thing

Unexpected snow


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One thought on “The class swot

  1. Hi Anne, I'm really sorry for not replying sooner. It's taking a while to sort the MP3 recordings out and I had intended to respond with the link (hopefully it will be ready soon, it's being transcribed too, so you can have a text version of the answer to your question if you like!). I read your blog- I'm really pleased the event proved interesting enough for you to write about it! Your camera must be amazing- your photos are so clear. I would LOVE to see some more if you have them? Would you mind if we put some on our website? (we took some too and want to put them on a page with the MP3s) – we will of course

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