TV Heaven!

On the whole, I'm not massively interested in TV. So many channels, so little to watch. OK, so there's Channel Four News. And ER.But what then? Pride and Prejudice with the rather scrummy Colin Firth finished ages ago, as did Life on Mars, though the box sets are now rather well-worn. I've seen just about every re-run of Frasier too. Give me a cinema or a good movie any day.

This is all very well but as my tutor pointed out, not really being into TV is a bit of a disadvantage when your MA includes TV as well as cinema and society. Well, just because I study it doesn't mean I have to LIKE it. I mean, I never LIKED maths, ah, but then again, study was a little in short supply…

This week's snow has played havoc with the timetable.Monday's screening didn't happened, and with only one copy of Ken Loach's 1966 classic Cathy Come Home in the library, I hit on the idea on making use of seeing it in Heaven. TV Heaven, that is.

The Best Museum In The World, , OK, the best museum in the UK, the National Media Museum, is a fabulous treasure in the heart of Bradford. As well as having a very civilised cinema where they positively encourage you to take your beer, it offerspretty much any TV programme you'd ever want to watch – and your own personal viewing room. TV on the big screen.

I lounged in the cinema-style seat while the wonderfully helpful staff uploaded the programme. Now it certainly wasn't the most uplifting of programmes, but it was definitely the best way to watch TV. In fact, it was TV Heaven. There are 900 programmes to choose from….

Today's lovely thing
Snow-covered fields as far as the eye can see

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