Seeing red on a dull day

Seeing red on a dull day

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Inspiration is sometimes a little hard to come by in the greys of winter. The autumnal colours are long gone and the green shoots fade into the greys and blacks of another dull, pewter-sky day.

I love colour. I just can't help it. All those years with a black and white TV and then to find Captain Kirk's outfit is a fetching shade us mustard, while Spock is blue. it was as if all my senses had been bombarded with rainbows.

So my photography tends to focus on colour and today's trip through the local woods and along the canalside had little promise other than tea and cake at the nature reserve.

Then I spotted red. Red railings, a red boat, red graffiti, a red postbox, a red cover, red funghi, and Noel's red cheeks as he stood with the camera bag waiting for me to finish my artistic faffing.

Hopefully by tomorrow I can be inspired by white – the snow is falling, John's skis are itching to be taken out of their bag and given an airing (we're looking after then, John, honest!) – and the golf course is just calling out to be skied. Now, which one if the captain's space?


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