Teleconference and tyre levers

I took took part in a teleconference today, nothing unusual in that. Hang on a minute, didn't I blog this already? Yes, but this is another day. And another teleconference. And another opportunity to celebrate the wonders of technology.

This time I wasn't in bed. The Winter Vomiting Virus is done and dusted. In fact, I was on my way back from circuit training in my rather fetching tights, scruffy top and stripey tassled hat which is definitely one of a kind. One twirl of the head and it creates enough energy to run a small windfarm in a town the size of Trumpton.

There was plenty of time to get home and get ready in time for the teleconference. Or so I thought, I reckoned without the scary kerb that moved from the middle of the road and hit my tyre as I drove past. It can be the only explanation, a spooky phenomenon which should be investigated by Mulder and Scully.

The kerb hit the wheel so hard it ripped the tyre, a couple of miles from home. Now I've changed tyres before, I had half an hour, so I set too. The pathetic little jack came straight from toytown, how on earth could anyone be expected to get enough torque on THAT? Come on, Honda, you can do better than that. The wheel nuts just wouldn't budge, I had to resort to calling the AA who give just about the best customer service you could wish for. They did exactly what they said they would, arrived on time, actually before, and dealt with me quickly and efficiently. So well that I could carry on my teleconference from the shade of the wall I stood next to while the work was carried out. I'll admit I did feel a little silly talking in my professional voice looking like a scarecrow, but hey, this is teleconferencing!

Unfortunately my fellow teleconferencers heard the AA man telling me the spare may be illegal, which could cost me three points and a £2,500 fine, and my contrite response. But they couldn't see it!

The prognosis on Honda Accord isn't good, in fact it's terminal, with a dicky clutch and pending MOT. Tomorrow it's going to what may be its final resting place with a mere 120,000 miles on the clock.  Farewell old friend.

Next week I've two teleconferences on the same day, I thnk  may stay inside until then so I pick up no germs and encounter no more weird phenomena on the roads.

Today's lovely thing
Meeting your mates in the chippy

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