An amazing discovery


 I made two amazing discoveries today. Both were a delight, but only one could be eaten.

A couple of days away from home, eating hotel food and cooped in in seminar rooms can play havoc with the brain.

The usual granite-oid servery with shiny stalnless steel containers full of fancy foods looked better than its contents, or so I thought. Next to the anaemic-looking cheesecakes and rather sad fruit salad were two covered vats. I opened them to find the biggest bread and butter pudding ever seen by man and a vat of custard with such a skin, it could cover a lampshade. Is there ANYTHING better? Well yes. Because the second night, the vats contained chocolate pudding and chocolate custard.

All I needed was my trusty camera to record these delights. But no! It was at home! And then I made an amazing discovery. My phone has a camera, who'd have thought it? My phone take pictures, then at the press of a button and an unfeasible fee to Mr Vodaphone, sends it anyone who cares to receive it.

Whatever next? 

Today's lovely thing
The M1 north

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