We love Uncle Dan – me-ow

The whole boil on the bottom turned into a major trauma for poor old Cat, just as we were about to head out for the Alps.

It seemed one lot of general anesthetic and poking around inside the abscess with a Q-Tip wasn't enough. He had to have another. I have to confess I burst into tears, the poor little thing had suffered the indignity of having bis bottom lanced, and now this. What was worse, we wouldn't be there to hold his paw.

Enter Uncle Dan and Auntie Clare, cat-lovers both. They volunteered to pick him up from surgery while we were enjoying ourselves and look after his every need, including the unmentionables……

When we got back late at night, I insisted my exhausted husband drive us over to pick him up, dammit, I was worried. Of course, I shouldn't have been. He was snuggled up to his favourite new auntie and quite reluctant to leave. He looked almost peeved to be home and turned his nose up at the fabulous fire we 'd lit for him.

That's gratitude for you. After all we've done…….

So a big thank you to Dan and Clare. The photo, by the way, has Dan in the middle, Noel on the left Charlotte, another cat-lover on the right. Unfortunately Auntie Charlotte lives a bit TOO far away to cat-sit.

Today's lovely thing

The last word on the final essay. maybe….

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