Twelve go skiing

Aiguille Percee

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There's only one thing better than going skiing – and that's going skiing with your mates.

Twelve of us from as far afield as Spain and Switzerland, linked by a common thread of rock-climbing and friends of rock-climbers met up at an unsuspecting chalet in Val D'Isere.

We skied until we dropped and ate until we popped. We talked drivel and laughed out loud at fripperies and nothingness. In short, we were mates enjoying each others' company.

We shocked the chalet hosts Steph and Caroline by not drinking them out of house and home, not going out late at night and rolling in drunk and by clearing up after ourselves. Our evening's entertainment, after serious skiing was a shower, a nap and each others' company in the comfy chalet.

There were no major injuries, though some spectacular wipe-outs, with James topping the table for both frequency, style and originality. He even managed to fall over on a flat piste. Simon did about 25 metres on his bottom, even managing to overtake an upright boarder. Nicola developed a mystery bruise which looked like a map of Africa and John's new ACL held out magnificently. Three cheers for the NHS!

Chris WAS the keen car, always first out and last back. He went with the Le Ski guide, who he accused of being 'soft' because they stopped for lunch – he managed to get in a few more runs in that time.

The rubbish £ against the Euro meant we were ripped off left,. right and centre. In the end, we stopped eating on the mountain and went down to the towns where grub was cheaper and you didn't have to pay to pee!

We're already planning the next one…..

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Today's lovely thing

Doing the washing after a lovely holiday – honest!

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